Improve Farm Income

“For the past two years, I am cultivating ‘Money Maker’ Kaveri cotton hybrid, it is giving higher yields than other hybrids.

Money Maker cotton hybrid has given 20 quintals of kapas per acre. By cultivating this promising Kaveri hybrid my financial position has improved a lot. I would like to cultivate this hybrid ‘Money maker’ every year and I advised my fellow farmers also to raise this hybrid to reap good harvest.”

Sanka Pally Ramchandra Reddy

Rudra Gude, Nalla belly, Warangal

Higher yield and output

“I started cultivating Bajra hybrid MAXIMO and have been happy with the average 20 Qtls/Acre of output from MAXIMO.

Having used other seeds, the output and yield received from Kaveri Seed has been most encouraging and promising. The yield was available despite volatility in temperature and minimal rainfall.

Being present largely in semi-arid conditions of Rajasthan, the Kaveri Seed has helped enhance the states overall production of Bajra, with most farmers shifting towards the Kaveri brand.”

Chandra Bhan

Kayarda Khurd, Hindoun, Karauli (Rajasthan)

Non-dependence on climatic conditions

“I cultivated ‘Drona’ Maize hybrid during last year, it has out yielded 40 quintals per acre during kharif season.

Generally, I prefer Kaveri Seed hybrids only, due to high yield and its ability to tolerate pest and diseases.

I am very thankful to Kaveri Seed Company for developing such a promising hybrids to improve the economic position of farmers.”

Bukya Babu

Irya Tanda, Chinna Rao peta, Warangal

Empowering a better livelihood

“My name is Mariappann, we are taking up farming since 20 years. We have dealt with a lot of crops in Field & Vegetables.

Recently we have cultivated Kaveri seeds Okra hybrid KOKH 1107. The difference between Kaveri and other hybrids is that, it’s attractive fruit colour, quality and crop stand is excellent. Specially it’s fruit picking is very easy and it has good market price.

It is best suitable for multiple pickings due to fruit bearing short internodes and gives high fruit yield. No virus incidence. Kaveri vegetable seeds have always given us good yield enabling us to improve our livelihood.”


Thailakulam, Srivilliputhur, Virudhu Nagar, Tamil Nadu

Farmer speak

Maximising disease tolerance

“I grow maize across 20-25 acres annually. I have used Kaveri’s seeds to sow my fields for more than a decade. I was satisfied with the yields produced by hybrids such as KMH 25K55 and Minchu. For the kharif season of 2017, I purchased Kaveri’s Drona hybrid from Honnalli. I sowed it across five acres, while the remaining land was sowed with KMH 25K55 and other hybrid varieties. I adopted the given package of practices associated with Drona, as instructed by Kaveri’s sales team. Drona demonstrated a high shelling percentage as well as high yields.

In October 2017, the Company conducted a mega field-day on my cultivation site. The field was found to be free from the wilt disease – a major menace for maize cultivation in the regions of Karnataka. Almost 300 farmers from surrounding areas participated in the event. Impressed with the results, they planned to switch over to Drona in kharif 2018. I wholeheartedly thank Kaveri for its breakthrough research in maize.”

Nagappa J

Maize farmer | Holeharlahalli, Davanagare, Karnataka

Partnering at every step

“Being a farmer, generally I try to grow promising varieties of Field and Vegetables seeds from different companies. I also follow required practices viz., agronomic management, proper irrigation, fertilizers, inter-cultivation operations and judicious plant protection measures. I started with Chintu rice variety in Kharif season 2018, developed by the Kaveri Seed, it was found promising. The variety possesses excellent plant type, good numbers of tillers and more number of grains in each panicle and less incidence of pest and diseases. Most of the farmers of our village Jorwa Banbhar visited my field, were impressed with the performance of Chintu. I was able to get on an average 17 q/acre yield with Chintu. Other farmers also received appreciable results from the same variety. By looking at the successful results, majority of the farmers of our village are inclined to take up the cultivation of Chintu during the Kharif 2019 season, which compliments with higher yield and better financial position.”

Alopi Chand

Jorwa Banbhar, Santkabirnagar (UP)

Farmer speak

Enhancing output

“I used Kaveri’s maize hybrid KMH Profit in the kharif season of 2017. In addition, I followed the required set of practices, including agronomic management, proper irrigation, judicious use of fertilisers, inter-cultivation operations and plant protection measures. In my experience, KMH Profit has proven to be a promising hybrid variety. It produces an excellent plant type – with good cob size, long kernels having appreciable seed weight and low incidence of pests and disease.

It also results in the highest shelling percentage, along with a higher yield. As word spread to other farmers in our village, they started visiting my field. They were impressed that I could produce an average of 32 quintals per acre usingKMH Profit.

Convinced by the appreciable rise in yield, the farmers too were keen on pursuing the cultivation of KMH Profit in kharif 2018.”

Krishna SahuJ

Maize farmer | Rohna, Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh

Farmer speak

Improving farming methods

“I have been cultivating hybrids in my fields since 2009. My fields are dependent on the monsoon; thus, I use hybrid seeds to mitigate the risk from erratic rainfall.

My first and foremost preference, with regard to hybrids, is Kaveri. The Company produces high-yielding, high-quality seeds. Moreover, Kaveri also educates farmers in the village about improved agricultural practices and plant protection methods.

Last year, our village recorded a yield of 30 quintals per acre – the highest so far.

Kaveri Seeds has transformed the life of every farmer in our village.”

Jeet Ram Lakhra

Paddy farmer | Murgu, Ranchi, Jharkhand

Farmer speak

Guaranteeing a good yield

I have been using Kaveri Seed Company’s paddy seeds for the past nine years. I was very impressed when I used the company’s Supreme Sona variety for the first time in 2008.

I still remember how it significantly increased the paddy production of my field that year. The next year, I sowed selection paddy varieties Sampurna and Chintu and hybrid variety Kaveri 9090 in my fields.

All the varieties gave excellent yield. Since then, I have been using Kaveri Seeds and recommending it to all the farmers in my village. The selection paddy variety Sampurna is offering impressive yield everywhere, compared to seeds of other companies.

The quality of rice that is being produced is superb and has a rich
taste. I can call myself a Kaveri Seeds loyalist.

Arvind Kumar Chaudhary

Paddy farmer | Bharathwaliya, Sant Kabir Nagar, Uttar Pradesh

Farmer speak

Farming without worriest

I started using Kaveri Seeds Company’s hybrid paddy last year after one of the company staff recommended the product to me. I planted paddy hybrid KPH 468 in my 1-acre field, which gave an output of approximately 31 quintals of paddy.

The commercial value of the crop was also higher, compared to other company hybrids. This year, I have sown hybrid paddy KPH 468 seed (20 kg) in more than three acres of my fields. I also suggested other farmers of my village to use Kaveri seeds in their fields. Kaveri’s Seeds hybrid paddy KPH 468 benefited the farmers, who cultivate potato and mustard in their fields after paddy harvesting.

The hybrid seeds are giving a good yield in short duration with excellent commercial grain value. I am thankful to Kaveri Seeds.

Om Prakash Verma

Paddy farmer|Patmau, Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh

Farmer speak

Unmatched endurance

Earlier we used to sow maize without fear. We were getting good harvest every year. However, I really don’t know from where did this menace called postflowering stalk rot (PFSR) come.

I tried almost every variety of seeds available in the market.

But none of the hybrids could survive the onslaught of PFSR disease
and I incurred a huge loss. It is when I came to know about Kaveri
Seeds Company’s Drona hybrid Drona came as a saviour to me when I had almost decided to give up maize cultivation.

The tight husk doesn’t allow rainwater to enter the cob and the plants remain green till maturity. It is a brilliant green fodder for
my cattle. Drona is highly input responsive and gives higher yields.
The cobs after harvest can be stored for a long time without getting
deteriorated. I am thankful to Kaveri Seeds for producing uncompromising quality seeds.

Hanumantappa Pujar

Maize farmer | Medur, Haveri, Karnataka

Farmer speak

Trust built over years

I have been cultivating Kaveri hybrid cotton in my fields for the past many years.

I use two variants of cotton — Jaadoo and ATM. I also follow the management practices recommended by Kaveri’s sales team. The Company has benefited me every time giving satisfactory yields.

I am recognised in my village as a loyal Kaveri farmer. Other farmers in my village have also adopted Kaveri Seeds hybrids after they observed that my fields were giving better yields.

Kaveri Hybrid Cotton seeds Jaadoo and ATM helped me grow financially and live respectfully in my village.

I convey my gratitude, as well as on behalf of my fellow farmers to Kaveri Seeds for producing such promising seeds.

Ammireddy Jaya Kumar

Cotton farmer | Lingapuram, Warangal, Telangana

Farmer speak

Yielding happiness

I have been sowing Kaveri Seed Company’s paddy in my fields for the past 13 years. For the first time in 2004, I had sown the hybrid variety KPH 9090, which gave remarkable production.

Since then, I have been using selection paddy varieties Sampurna, Supreme Sona, Sleek and Chintu and hybrid varieties KPH 468 and KPH 475 in my fields. All these varieties are disease-free and highyielding.

That is why, I have been suggesting to all my peers to use products by Kaveri Seeds.

Kaveri Seeds has given them not only good production but greater

I am fond of Kaveri Seeds and will continue to use it every year.

Rakesh Chandra Singh

Paddy farmer | Siloni, Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh

Farmer speak

Better crops everytime

Farming in my area gets affected by the vagaries of monsoon every year. Under such circumstances, getting a good harvest has become quite challenging.

However, Kaveri Seeds Company’s maize hybrid 25K55 came as a blessing to me. Despite receiving scanty rainfall in the last year’s Kharif season, with the help of irrigation, I got a satisfactory yield.

I am highly impressed by 25K55’s features like kernel weight, disease tolerance and drought resistance. Kernels of the variety fetch me higher price at government procurement centres.

Even if prices are not attractive, I can store the harvest safely for a long period. Kaveri Seeds has given me immense satisfaction and I’ll continue to use their seeds.

Hanumantappa Shivanagutti

Maize farmer| Kalalbandi, Koppal, Karnataka

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