We have Research collaborations with several national and international institutions, enabling development of products that meet farmers’ needs, insure crops against the threat of climate change and make them tolerant to biotic and abiotic stresses.

Kaveri seeds has various tieups with State Agriculture Universities, ICAR and International Institutions & HarvestPlus membership (Millet) ( for Collection of lines from public institutions or released from Government breeding programmes )

Kaveri Seeds has a tieup
with WVCBC

Kaveri Seeds has a tieup with WVCBC (World Vegetable Centre Breeding Consortium) at Word Vegetable Centre for Tomato, Hot Pepper, Bitter Gourd germplasm collection every alternate year to enrich Kaveri germplasm base & may utilize directly for making promising hybrids

Kaveri Seeds has a membership
of HPRC (Hybrid Parent
Research Consortium) at
ICRISAT for useful pearl
millet germplasm collections.

Kaveri Seeds has a tieup with
HRDC (Hybrid Rice
Development Consortium)
at IRRI for useful Rice
germplasm collection.

Kaveri seeds has a Tieup with
ICAR (Indian Council of
Agricultural Research
New Delhi)

IMIC (International Maize
Improvement Consortium) at
CIMMYT for Maize germplasm

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