Setup in 1976 by Mr. GV Bhaskar Rao , with an objective to fuel India’s Green revolution, Kaveri seeds today is India’s leading agriculture company specializing in Hybrid Seeds .

Our pursuit of excellence backed by strong Research & Development (recognized by DSIR since 2001) has resulted in high – yield seeds that has made the company the trusted partner for farmers since the last three decades . We have steadily transformed our products & processes to deliver the best of science, while enhancing farm productivity and ensuring food and nutritional security for millions of people.

High quality hybrids and varieties developed across field and vegetable crops which are high yielding and are resilient under varying agro climatic conditions. With an endeavor to support farmers in their efforts to increase yields we consistently invest in Research & Development.

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The company’s premier hybrids in Field Crops:

  • Cotton: ATM, Jadoo, Money maker, Jackpot, 3/1, KCH 4001, KCH 4011, KCH-4021 and KCH-1603. Maize: Kaveri 50, KMH 2589 (Drona), Profit, KMH-25K45 (Bumper), God Father, KMH 5210, KMH 1311 (Sultan), KMH 463, KMH 5332, KMH-3712, KMH-3426, KMH-25K60, KMH-218 PLUS & KMH-7148.
    Rice : KPH-468, KPH-475, K-9090, KPH 371, KPH 199, KPH 467,
  • KPH 272, KPH 460, KPH 459, KPH 473, Sampurna, Chintu, Shireen, Super Sona, Supreme Sona, Elito, Glory &Tino.
    Pearl millet: Super Boss, Maximo, KBH 6080, Fouzi, Boss 65, KBH 3580 (Singham).
  • Sunflower: Kaveri Champ, Sunkranti, Dhara, and Leader.
  • Sorghum: Kaveri 6363 (Colonel), Rabi Raider & KSH-361. Red
  • Gram: Sampada & Deluxe.
  • Green Gram: KG-19, Black Gram: KBG-28

Vegetable crops:

  • Tomato: KTH-354, KTH-355, KTH-304.
  • Okra: KOH- 712, Kaveri 703 & Nadiya.
  • Hot Pepper: KHPH 1201, KHPH 888, KHPH 225, KHPH 206, KHPH 215, KAVERI-66, KHPH-272, Little Hot.
  • Water Melon: Crimson Heart.
  • Sweet Corn: KSCH-333 (Candy) & KSCH-222.

Realizing the immense potential of Biotechnology in fostering and fortifying the traditional breeding, the Company has formulated integrated programs for molecular breeding.
Our Biotechnology lab is State-of-the-Art, equipped with sophisticated equipment’s and manned by highly qualified scientists.

The new breeding strategies will enable us to increase productivity, while continuing to excel at the invention and development of the new products. To our credit, we have developed a number of cotton, maize and rice hybrids to suit under different agro-climatic conditions of different regions across crop segments.

Our Multi-crop portfolio, superior R&D, brand equity, farmer’s trust, comprehensive supply chain, robust distribution network, competent and engaged human capital, and strong financial position are pillars of Kaveri’s business strategy for long term success.

Our emphasis is also on strong financial and operating metrics and creating value for all its stakeholders. It has consistently delivered profits and superior return and is supported by a strong balance sheet every year.

  • We own 7 modern seed processing and storage plants across key locations in India
  • Our Seed Technology lab for Quality control and Quality Analysis is State-of-the-Art, equipped with sophisticated equipment’s and man power.
  • A huge maize cob drying facility of 4500 MT per cycle.
  • State-of-the-art warehouse capabilities with a combined storage space of around 10 lakhs sq.ft., to store seed material under ambient conditions.
  • A battery of green house facility for screening of pest and diseases as well as for BT cotton containment facility

The company has more than 15 main and satellite research farms (own and leased) in India, covering more than 600 acres of land with all infrastructure facilities for conducting all research trials for biotic and abiotic situations. Besides this company has MLT out stations to test the newly developed company products.

Our number of promising parental lines and hybrids were applied for registration and registered with Protection Plant Varieties and Farmers Rights Authority (PPV&FRA) to safeguard our Intellectual Property Rights.

20 Hybrids were released and notified under Central Variety Release Committee (CVRC), Government of India
18 Hybrids were recommended for inclusion in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Seed Scheme list, to market in other countries

Over last decades, the company has invested in attracting best talent and also nurturing them. Our endeavor has been to consistently engage with our employees and align their career objectives with the organizational goals.

To keep our people motivated and focused on organizational goals, we have introduced an award program. The award recognizes top performers from various departments.

We have been globally recognized as a significant player in India’s agri-business land scape.

Kaveri has figured on the Forbes Asia’s 200 Best Under a Billion List for five times 2010 to 2013 and in 2015. Kaveri Seeds was conferred the “Bio-Excellence Asia Award” by Karnataka Government’s Departments of Information Technology (IT), Biotechnology (BT) and Science and Technology (S&T), in 2015.

Mr. G. V. Bhaskar Rao, Chairman & MD, Kaveri Seeds was nominated as a Board member at the prestigious Professor Jayashankar Telangana State Agricultural University (PJTSAU), Hyderabad, in 2017.

Mr. G. V. Bhaskar Rao, Chairman & MD, Kaveri Seeds, is a member of the Extant Variety Recommendation Committee (EVRC) of PPV&FRA, New Delhi, in 2016 for a period of 3 years.

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