Kaveri Seeds has been globally recognized as a significant player in India’s agribusiness landscape.

Prajasakti 15 August 2021

The Hans India 14 August 2021

Namasthe Telangana 14-08-2021

The Hindu BusinessLine 14 August 2021

Half hour special episode on Kaveri Seeds Ltd Plant Visit – Part 1

Andhra Bhoomi 15-10-2019 Pg-01

Andhra Bhoomi 15-10-2019 Pg-03

Half hour special episode on Kaveri Seeds Ltd Plant Visit – Part 2

Andhra Jyothi 15-10-2019 Pg-03

Andhra Jyothi 15-10-2019 Pg-01

How Is Kaveri Seeds Performing In Q1 FY20

Andhra Jyothi 15-10-2019 Pg-07

Andhra Prabha 15-10-2019 Pg-01

Mithun Chand, Executive Director of Kaveri Seeds on Q1 performance

Andhra Prabha 15-10-2019 Pg-16

Andhra Prabha 15-10-2019 Pg-09

Decoding Kaveri Seeds’ Earnings: #Q1WithBQ

Economic Times 15-10-2019 Pg-011

Eenadu 15-10-2019 Pg-01

Eenadu 15-10-2019 Pg-11

Hans India 15-10-2019 Pg-09

Hans India 15-10-2019 Pg-15

Hindu Business Line 15-10-2019 Pg-14

Kaveri Seeds open corn cob drying facility with Rs 20 crore investment-pg6

Andhra Jyothy
20 Mar 2019

Kaveri seeds sets up corn cob drying plant in Karimnagar-pg6

20 Mar 2019

Kaveri Seeds – Hindu – Hyderabad – P6

Kaveri Seeds – Hindu Business Line – Hyderabad – P14

Kaveri Seeds – Pioneer – Hyderabad – P2

Kaveri Seeds – Telangana Today – Hyderabad – P13

Kaveri Seeds – Times of India – Hyderabad – P16

Mana Telangana 15-10-2019 Pg-03

Namaste Telangana 15-10-2019 Pg- 16

Namaste Telangana 15-10-2019 Pg-01

Nava Telangana 15-10-2019 Pg-10

Praja Paksham 15-10-2019 Pg-11

Praja Sakti 15-10-2019 Pg-06

Praja Sakti 15-10-2019 Pg-14

Sakshi 15-10-2019 Pg-01

Sakshi 15-10-2019 Pg-13

Sakshi 15-10-2019 Pg-11

Suryaa 15-10-2019 Pg-01

Suryaa 15-10-2019 Pg-05

Telangana Today 15-10-2019 Pg-05

The Hindu 15-10-2019 Pg-05

Times of India 15-10-2019 Pg-15

Velugu 15-10-2019 Pg-10

What’s Nurturing
Kaveri Seed’s Growth

Bloomberg Quint
September 24, 2018

Sowing New Seeds

Forbes India
June 20, 2018

A rich harvest

Hindu Business Line
September 10, 2018

Seeding Success

Business India

Climate Change is Paving
the way for shock –
proof seeds

The Economic Times
December 16, 2018

Kaveri Seeds sets up
500 cr war chest for

The Economic Times
June 2018

GM crop technologies
may help boost farm

June 23, 2018

Kaveri Seed Company:
Company Analysis

Hindu Business Line
July 06, 2013

Mr. GV Baskar Rao:
Top 100 CEOs,
Business today

PWC survey
Jan 5, 2014

Seeds of progress

Business Today
December 2014

Market Mover –
Mr. G.V Bhaskar Rao

Business World
July 2014

India’s Most
Valuable CEOs:
Mr. G.V Bhaskar Rao

Business World
Dec 2013

Kaveri Seeds banks on
research to reap success

Business Standard
September 4, 2013

Kaveri Seed
Company Analysis

Outlook Business
January 2014

Kaveri Seeds: Fastest
Growing Companies

Outlook Business
May 2013

Kaveri to focus on
non-cotton seeds biz

Times of India

Kaveri to focus on
non-cotton segments

Telangana Today

Kaveri seeds to focus
on vegetable seeds segment

20 May, 2019

Kaveri Seeds expecting to
see 15% growth in 5 years

Andhra Jyothy
20 May, 2019

Kaveri Seeds to focus
on non-cotton segments


Seeds to focus on
vegetable seeds segments


Hans India


“We are among the top three across all Crop types” – Dalal Street Investment Journal March 01-14, 2021


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